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Love from Bella

01 Dec 2016

Bella is a celebrity in the Instagram world.

You can follow her here @love_from_bella. She is a pug and has friends all over the world. She was born in Hungary and tells her friends she is always hungry. Bella lived the cool life in London for 2 years before jetting into Darwin in hot style to be with her family. As a celebrity, now in Darwin, she was not immune to her own problems. Bella had itchy skin and lesions aggravated by the Darwin humidity. However, with the help of veterinary attention and a special diet she now has in place preventative strategies to keep her skin and coat picture perfect.

Some of Bella’s best friends have had breathing issues and, along with her best friends, she has her chest monitored radiographically to ensure her heart, and those of her best friends, do not become enlarged from the additional climatic stresses that she did not experience in London.

Bella is now medication free, wears her hair stylishly short, has minimal skin issues and her major complaint is her understandable dislike of painted blue nails. Bella says her hobbies are food, playing, sleeping, more food, and is hoping for her own mobile phone for her next birthday to keep in direct contact with her friends.

Pets don’t always love vets, but…

At Darwin Vet, we understand that if you are calm and relaxed, that will transfer to your animal at a time when they may be unwell, anxious and needing you the most. Therefore we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most down to earth bunch of people. We’re all either locals, or we wish we were.

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