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Adult Cat Health Checks

Preventative health care includes vaccinations and worming. We recommend that your cat has a yearly wellness blood test and dental grading. This way we can keep track of any changes in health and take preventative measures early. This potentially prevents illnesses and saves you money down the road.

Pets need regular check-ups. They can be very good at hiding any pain or discomfort, so we recommend an annual check up (usually coinciding with their booster vaccination) as a good way of spotting any underlying problems, which often respond better to early treatment.

However, health checks may need to be more frequent for younger or more senior pets or those with existing health issues.

For a routine health check, one of our vets will examine your pet from nose to tail, assessing their eyes, ears, teeth, skin, coat, paws and claws as well as listening to their heart and lungs and examining the abdomen for any unusual lumps or bumps. We will always involve you fully in discussions about any subsequent steps we might recommend.

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Pets don’t always love vets, but…

At Darwin Vet, we understand that if you are calm and relaxed, that will transfer to your animal at a time when they may be unwell, anxious and needing you the most. Therefore we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most down to earth bunch of people. We’re all either locals, or we wish we were.

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