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When you bring your new kitten home it is best to feed your kitten the same diet it had prior to adoption for at least a few days. This helps to minimise stress and the chance of an upset tummy and diarrhoea. Any new food should be gradually introduced by mixing it with the original diet over seven to 10 days. Gradually increase the amount of the new food and reduce the original food.

Every cat has its own individual growth rate. Feeding a growing cat a premium quality balanced diet, and the correct amount of food for weight and age, is the best way to prevent some health problems later in life. Commercial foods are the easiest and safest way to feed cats a balanced meal.

Ideally, up to the age of four to six months three to four meals should be fed each day. Follow the feeding guide on the reverse of the bag or tin, according to weight and age. After six months of age, reduce this to two meals a day.

You can slowly introduce a variety of foods to your kitten, such as lean meat and raw bones. Raw chicken wings are great for your kitten to chew on and helps keep teeth clean and in good condition.


Please AVOID the following items in your cat’s diet:
  • Cooked bones can splinter and cause nasty and painful gut and bowel problems
  • Onions can cause anaemia
  • Chocolate is toxic
  • Weetbix and milk for kittens is a poor meal – a balanced commercial kitten food is recommended
  • Calcium supplementation in a kitten’s diet is not necessary if they are being fed a quality commercial kitten food
  • The lactose in cow’s milk can cause tummy upsets – if you would like to feed your kitten milk use a special lactose free milk

Diet can have a huge impact on your cat’s health and wellbeing, especially if it has an existing health condition. We have a full range of scientifically developed prescription pet foods that are also treatments for a whole range of conditions, including joint, teeth and skin problems.

Premium cat food does cost more than a supermarket brand of the same size, but the cost is actually quite comparable when you consider some important factors.

Each Hills product contains all the ingredients your cat needs for good nutrition, but none of the ‘fillers’ common in supermarket brands. That means you actually feed your cat less (and pass less waste, too). Our nurses can calculate the per-day cost of premium food (or prescription food) for your cat and most people are pleasantly surprised at the comparable cost.

Above all, enjoy your kitten and look forward to a long, happy life together. If you have any further questions about caring for your kitten, our vets and nurses are here to help.

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