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Rabbit Care


In hot weather, rabbits are at risk of developing flystrike, a painful and potentially fatal condition where flies lay their eggs on the rabbit, which then hatch into maggots that feed off their host. You can reduce the risk of this condition developing by keeping your pet clean and well groomed, removing any matted fur or faecal matter that might be stuck to your rabbit’s bottom and checking regularly for sores. If you suspect your rabbit may be suffering from flystrike, bring them to see us immediately.

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Pets don’t always love vets, but…

At Darwin Vet, we understand that if you are calm and relaxed, that will transfer to your animal at a time when they may be unwell, anxious and needing you the most. Therefore we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most down to earth bunch of people. We’re all either locals, or we wish we were.

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