Dental Surgery

Approximately 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease by the age of four, but their bad breath may be the only indication, as dogs can be very good at hiding dental problems.

Dental disease can be as dangerous for animals as it is for humans and good dental care has been shown to add up to four years to your pet’s life.

We recommend a routine dental examination for your dog every six months in order to ensure that any problems developing in the gums and teeth are identified and corrected early. If any problems are detected, we can examine your pet’s mouth fully under anesthetic and take x-rays to assess the roots of the teeth, just like a human dentist. Visible plaque and tartar will be removed and the teeth polished. If we find any teeth that need to be extracted, we’ll always discuss our findings with you so that you are fully aware of our recommendation and the financial implications of any additional action required.

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Pets don’t always love vets, but…

At Darwin Vet, we understand that if you are calm and relaxed, that will transfer to your animal at a time when they may be unwell, anxious and needing you the most. Therefore we pride ourselves on being the friendliest and most down to earth bunch of people. We’re all either locals, or we wish we were.

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